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We have been saving for 60 years in a safe, quality and healthy way.

As the leading plastic kitchen and bathroom articles in Turkey, we make life easy for the consumers, providing products which protect their health and environment. While our products store all your requirements from lovely food cooked at home to the most favourite toys of the children and indispensables of a season opening party, we also save the highest standards and values throughout all processes.

Because plastic is in all aspects of the life. Our business is to make life good with quality plastic.

Bora Plastic was established in 1957, basing on experience of İbrahim Bora in retail business and glass production. Started with hand preses and near-zero technology, our production reached to a capacity of processing 7000 tons raw material thanks to our visonary approach transmitted from one generation to another. We have closely followed global developments in the technology and international trends in the sector from the beggining and became forerunner of many innovations in Turkey. We were the first to produce plastic containers, now integral part of our lie, in 1992, and the pedal bins in 1994 in Turkey. Thanks to safety and convenience of our products, we became major actor in the development of storage containers. We were also leader in the sector when we supported our infrastructure with computers early 1990s and proceeding to robot-assisted production in 2005. Today, with our quality principles backed up by ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality certificates and working conditions awarded with the most prestigious certificates, we proudly represent Turkey worldwide and make contribution to the natinol economy by export.

We Safely Store for your Health.

Although plastic is used widespread in our life from transportationto healthcare, they have not close contact with the people compared to our products. For this reason, we produce our products with the highest quality, making sure they meet the strictest standards in terms of health. We have European and European Union based certificates demonstrating that all our products, including the bins, are not inconvenient for food contact. We do not use any raw material, colourant or additive in the production process which may pose threat to human health and environment. We produce our products with the most quality raw materials and we don’t use any recycled materials of unknown origin.

We store with awareness of environment.

We know that plastic is among the healthiest materials for environment if an understanding of correct production and recycling is adopted. The reason is that resources of our planet is used much more economically for production, transportation and recycling of plastic than all other alternative materials. And after production, we deliver all waste resulting from these operations to the licensed organizations, without giving burden to the environment. Environment is polluted not by plastic, but by human beings. We strive to minimize consumption of resources, plastic waste and pollution by creating awareness about recycling of plastic.

We Store with Technology and Innovation

Today Bora Plastik carries out production with the latest European technologies at its facilities in an area of 14,500m2, including indoor space of 10,500m2. We manufacture our own forms. As it is, we are able to immediately respond to any problem with respect to form production whenever a problem occurs and it ensures time-saving for us. We bring totally new and creative perspective by selecting our designers from such experts who are also experienced in other industrial sectors. In addition to our trademark Monotone for the bin, now a visual icon, and sub-trademark Hit Box, as the pioneer of the plastic boxes, we have been producing under the sub-brand Corona Professional for HoReCa sector. And our sub-brand Hip covers design products which bring a stylish approach to the plastic. We have 800 individual products which we produce proudly and export to 32 countries in 4 continents, particularly Europe.

We Store with Employee Satisfaction

We provide world class working conditions for 95 employees, including 75 blue collars and we gain due response with high employee motivation and satisfaction. In this way we secured confidence of the giant brands of the world uor production under best conditions. We achieved to get BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certificate with full marks, which is renewed each year. This certificate is issued to those organizations which shows ethical conduct, equal opportunity and superior conditions to the employees without any discrimination. In addition to this achievement, we always keep employee satisfaction at high level thanks to three personnel representatives, open door and indirect grievance mechanisms, performance assessments and questionaires, paving the way to happy customers together with our happy employees.

We Store with Customer Satisfaction

As the oldest trademark of the sector which still survive, we constantly update ourselves. Our corporate identity renewed in 2015, just as our quality plastic products, reflects our flexible structure and smiling communication with our customers. Our customers are well aware that they will get quick response to all their requests, that their requirements will be fulfilled in the best way possible and that they will not experience lack of inventory. One thing that companies working with Bora Plastik are certain is that they will have access to any product and in any colour and in any quantity just as they need and whenever they desire. Moreover, they also know that the product in question is manufactured by happy employees in accordance with the highest quality standards and environment friendly. A leader in terms of both product quality and healthy production and achieved satisfaction of its customers and respect of its rivals, Bora Plastik continues on its way as a leading company proudly representing its country worldwide. Among all these values we keep there is one thing we do not keep to ourselves is secret of our success, i.e. constant respect to people and environment and produce the best solutions with the latest technology.

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